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Low-fat diet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to the USDA, a low-fat diet – as the name implies – is a diet that consists of little fat, especially saturated fat and cholesterol, which are thought ... low-fat diet - definition of low-fat diet in the Medical ... low-fat diet Etymology: ME, low; AS, faett; Gk, diaita, life-style a diet containing limited amounts of fat and consisting chiefly of easily digestible foods of high ... Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet Low fat low cholesterol diet information for healthy life. Great articles and plans. Meat Low In Saturated Fat - Low-Fat Protein List for South Beach Diet Aug 06, 2009 · Meats, poultry, seafood, etc, which are low in saturated fat. Acceptable on the South Beach diet, Zone diet and others. Includes a long list of beef cuts. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.: Low Fat Diets Are Grossly Misrepresented Sep 28, 2010 · For more than two decades, many commentators have discussed and cussed so-called low-fat diets and gotten away with talking nonsense. It is time to ... FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive Collection of over 4,000 fat free and very low fat vegetarian recipes as well as information about healthy low fat vegetarian diets. But you don't have to be ... Low-Fat Foods | LIVESTRONG.COM Find the latest information to help you create the proper low-fat diet. From expert advice to low-fat articles and videos, LIVESTRONG.COM provides effective ways to ... Low-Fat/Low Cholesterol Diet UMass Medical School, Div Preventive and Behavioral Med, 2001 55 North Lake Ave Worcester, MA 01655 Low-Fat/Low Cholesterol Diet If you have any questions ...